Start an online business

You want to start an online business but you don’t know quite how to get started?

No worries, you to get one month free hosting of a  WordPress site on my servers!

I will set up your blog so you have the minimum asset you need to get started with your online business. And my ultimate goal is to build a community of like minded people that together can learn how to be profitable online. Because if we try to do it all by ourselves we will normally fail, according to recent statistics, but if we work together with a group it will be much easier, and we can  earn while we learn!  Which can be a lot of fun!

So bring all your friends – there are room for them all!

The only thing I want you all to do is select a name for your blog, and you will get an Internet address that go like this: blogname.thecuriousnovice.com.

Go sign up on the form below with your first name, your best email address and the blog name you will use. Take some minutes to think about the name you select, because that will be your online home, since I cannot change it after the site is created.

After you have confirmed your email address you will receive an email with the log in credentials for your new website.  In one of your next emails look for a surprise announcement!

Now you have a web presence, but you don’t control the website yourself, Yes, you have a key (your login) and your own room (blogname.thecuriousnovice.com), but I own the house (thecuriousnovice.com – the domain name) so you are my tenant and have to follow the house rules.

So if you are serious of establishing an online business you need to own the house (the domain).

In the month you have free hosting on my website I will help you start the most important asset for an online marketer – no matter what you want to sell online – your email list. And you shall use your blog to grow your list. For it is still true = the money is in the list.

And while we are building your list we will also discuss online business and I will providr you with some important resources that will help you build your email list and your business.

I have explained some relevant terms normally used online here. But before you go there sign up to my email list below.

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